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a webring for robot-aligned beings!


there are 10 sites in roboring.

1roboring are here!
2stelhttps://moondvsted.neocities.orgstel's silly personal website
3sneexyhttps://sneexy.pages.gayruben's personal website !!
4unnickhttps://unnick.mice.telbeep boop bip :3
5tulpenkistehttps://tulpenkiste.codeberg.pageSilly personal website
6noellehttps://noelle.devNoelle's personal website for writing and reference
7zvavahttps://zvava.orgsophie's brain out on a table
844203 node: Δ-44203)
92740-35672https://genosse.euseizing the means of computation while shitposting
10440729⛧-440729's website


corpo websites and sites with bigotry/hate speech will not be allowed.
in general, most sites will be accepted, but i do reserve the right to reject sites

  1. choose a slug (unique code) for your site
  2. add the webring HTML somewhere on your site:
    <a href=""> <- </a>
    <a href="">roboring</a>
    <a href=""> -> </a>
    feel free to customize the content as you'd like, as long as the links are intact. make sure to replace "YOUR_SLUG" with your actual slug!
  3. open a pull request on github and add your site to websites.json. here's the format:
    "name": "your name",
    "slug": "your slug",
    "about": "short description of your site",
    "url": "your site url",
    "rss": "your rss feed url (optional, delete if unneeded)",
    "owner": "link to you: could be social media, neocities profile, an email, etc..."
    make sure everything's in quotes, and that there's a comma after the closing curly brace } of the previous item.
    if you'd prefer, feel free to email me instead (stel [at] and i'll add you manually.